Our current main projects (dating from late 2015) can be divided into categories as follows:

The Towers (which were originally inspired, accidentally, during the design for our porcelain project with Limoges artisans Animal Fabuleux) have constituted our main focus, offering the ability to create large landscapes whilst focusing attention on central themes. In various formats, they are the basis of a large installation, Pit Land Against Sea.

Abacus is a visual device to assist with the understanding of groups of data, also enabling the highlighting and identification of single individuals and events within it. In this case, the abacuses represent the biodiversity found, or potentially to be found, in our garden reserve.

The Silver Birds are a cinematic series, inspired by the video work of Michel Gondry, exploring the place of birds within industrial and agricultural hinterlands.

The newer Panoramas are another way of presenting extensive landscapes in a manageable size.

Lastly, we're working on a marathon project of miniature bird drawings with the umbrella title, Avifaunae.

All works are graphite and silver ink - plus various additions of metal leaf, foil and coloured pencils - on Fabriano 4 paper, unless otherwise stated.

To find out the availability and whereabouts of any work on this page, please email us.

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  • Abacus
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  • Panoramas
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